In the present context, characterized by variable and uncertain economic conditions and by the growing complexity of the market, the company’s management has to be based on a careful and proper plan.

Every entrepreneur has to define the goals and the activities necessary to achieve his business at his best.
A good planning process must include both a medium/long-term and a short-term horizon.

We talk about strategic planning in the first case and about programming in the second.
Thanks to our high level of professionalism and in-depth knowledge of established methodologies, we are able to support the company during this fundamental process.


Long-term planning

  • Business plan of the company or of the individual project

  • Economic-financial plan of the company or the individual project

  • Formulation of the company’s mission statement

  • Analysis of the socio-economic context

  • Analysis of the competitive environment

  • Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities

  • Scenario analysis and what-if analysis

  • Analysis of the return on an investment

  • Break-even point analysis

  • Costing and pricing policies

  • Choice among investment alternatives

  • Make or buy analysis

  • Analysis of the financial needs and selection of the best financing mix

Short-term planning

  • Sales, procurement, production and cost budgets

  • Investments budget

  • Budget for revenue and expenditure

  • Budget and contract timing

  • Programming of activities and projects

  • Analysis of stocks

  • Credit/client policies and credit risk optimization

  • Business capital optimization and funding policies