Prassi is a management consulting firm in Porto San Giorgio.

We have chosen this name because it means “action, way of acting”. In fact, we know that finding good solutions is not enough without putting them into practice. We want to be pragmatic even when it is time to do.

For more than 20 years we have been working at the side of those who run the company: developing the best strategy and helping to realize it.

We work with all the experts of the company, and when they’re missing, we bring the right ones.

We have the CMC qualification, the only one worldwide on consulting skills. It is valid in more than 50 countries and it is necessary to operate in international markets.

We help medium or small companies that need our experience but they do not have professionals like us inside their companies. And sometimes they don’t even know they need it.


We are expert in economy and business management. We have been working alongside entrepreneurs and managers for more than 20 years, putting our expertise at the service of their companies.

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We think that only by working as a team can we ensure excellent results for our customers. It is for this reason that we consider fundamental to cooperate with employees and consultants of the company.

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Every company needs to develop and evolve to survive … but this is possible only by following the right strategy. We support your enterprise both when you define and put that into practice.

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